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That this man is a congressman shows the depth to which we, as a people, have sunk. He looks like Arnold Horshack.

Weiner's predicament has rocked the Democratic Party, particularly the women who hold leadership posts and have faced a choice between calling for a resignation or hoping that refraining from doing so would lead him to quit without being told.

Faced with charges he was participating in raunchy online chats as late as last summer, disgraced former congressman and current New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner said in a just-released statement that he was expecting the new allegations and that his lascivious ways are now completely over. Young sexy girl video. Anthony weiner naked pics. A spokesman at the State Department, where she is a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, had no comment, but several Democrats said the couple had told their friends.

Not all gay men are running for mayor of NYC. Patty Murray, told reporters during the day that Weiner's troubles "of course" complicate the party's efforts ahead of in the elections. And all this crap in recent years that every time a celebrity is caught drunk, they have to give some creat mea culpa and admit they have an addiction and go into rehab.

What the heck is he smoking? By clicking above you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Well well, NOW we'll vote for him! Some of the comments here are ageist and sexist. When are we going to grow up and break this ridiculous OMG! The details don't really matter. Why does he think any female wants to see that?

The divorce rate in this country is around half. St martin nude pics. Her mother was involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. Since Weiner admitted to sending sex messages to women even after he told everyone he'd stoppedthe only people who still want him in the race are himself, and his wife. Uncensored Anthony Weiner photo 2 Direct Link: He vowed at a news conference on Monday to remain in office, and one lawmaker who spoke to him on Wednesday said Weiner indicated he still hopes to ride out the furor and remain in Congress.

I'll vote for that. This burden of hypersexuality does not mean its owner is absolved of responsibility but that much desire would be a lot to deal with. It's not a bad cock. An X-rated photo Weiner purportedly took of himself surfaces on a website. When Anthony steps down from his seat, he has a career awaiting him in the grindrsphere, showing other hot-pops how to take the most flattering fotos of their mancandy.

While not as damning as Anthony Weiner's penisa photo of Bow Wow spooning another man appeared on Twitter last night, inspiring the traditional cries of "I was hacked," followed by purging of Bow Wow's entire account.

You're running for Mayor of New York City. Up Next Hondo sailing toward 4, After she sent him a cartoon image of a pump bottle of hand lotion and a box of tissues, he responded with a graphic, homemade text-and-emoji image of an ejaculating penis. Below, a timeline of events and developments in the online scandal and fallout involving Rep.

McCain, who is apparently in one of those moods where he acts honorably instead of cravenly, defended Abedin, whom he described as a "friend" and a "fine and decent American.

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I miss these daily updates of AW. Nude videos of mallu aunty. She did the bare minimum to get that baby. I actually liked the straight woman's story about soliciting pics.

On June 13, Weiner's request for a leave of absence from the House was approved by unanimous consent.

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The embattled lawmaker was interrupted by hecklers shouting obscenities while speaking to members of the press. Meanwhile, a former porn actress claiming to have engaged in inappropriate online interactions with Weiner held a press conference to address the controversy. News Corp HarperCollins Marketwatch realtor. He's got his hand around it. Later in the day, it was reported that Democratic leaders had planned to meet the next day to discuss the next step in handling the controversy.

Spitzer is another sexually compulsive asshole who needs to vanish. You can find the photo in question, as well as blurred-out pics of his anonymous correspondent and various other lurid details, at the link. I wonder about that, too. This is not keeping it private. Lesbian milf seduc. Anthony weiner naked pics. A source close to Weiner told the New York Daily News that the congressman was surprised it took two weeks for the pictures to surface.

What a stand up guy! Or at least, his jackoff video needs to surface. Her mother was involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. But the picture featuring his son was one of more than a dozen selfies sent to the woman by Weiner, 51 — and most show him posing shirtless to flaunt his well-toned physique. He broke many rules in rule book A, cheating lying betrayal. Weiner sees opening to ask about [your] status.

I recall an old truism: Conservative bloggers sure seem to hope so! You're right R94 about the money. I wouldn't know, as I don't have one.

I think he and the wife are both bi and have an "arrangement". Up Next Hondo sailing toward 4, She still thinks this fucked up, needy piece of shit should be mayor of NYC.

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