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He breaks off the horn from the creature's head and slays the monster with it, nearly dying himself in the process.

Her hand pulled down his zipper and took his hard cock out of his shorts. And in her new life as a sex slave, Barbara Gordon will get to see the dark side of Gotham city's high society. Tiger woods nude photos tmz. Lesbian torture stories. Amanda waved the foot that was in Sammy's butt. Rebecca will be more than willing to swallow any of it. Gretchen de Brun is helping gather evidence on the activities of ODESSA, the secret Neo-Nazi organization in Germany but is caught as she is trying to smuggle the information out of the castle headquarters.

A beautiful rebel leader near Jerusalem is betrayed and captured by the Romans. Interrogations of political dissidents in a fictional country, ruled by a despotic tyrant and his followers.

Bdsm femdom spanking Sober babe Larissa Gold welcomes cocks of her slaved in cunt 9: Rebecca screamed in pain as Dr. His fingers reached for her spread anus and he jabbed them quickly inside to spread her open as he pushed deep into her rectum before she could adapt to the pain. Her pussy was sent into spasms as the speculum kept her spread wide and the electricity forced her pussy to shrink from the probe.

She is pretty sure she is to be interrogated but she undergoes torture after torture with no questions being asked. You're filthy for licking that off, and I know you love it.

She knew what torment he was capable of. Mature lesbian love. She had learned to suck his cock and take it in her tight ass hole as she milked the cum from his balls. He pushed the button, the setting on one and he felt her body jerk. This morning, we inserted a punishment egg in her ass hole. This is a very graphic story and my personal favorite. Torture fetish porn video The number one collection with torture fetish videos to provide both lesbian and straight BDSM sex scenes and really harsh fuck moments. A young Indian woman is kidnapped by three white men and used as a slave, and warriors from two villages follow their trail and attack the three men and two women they had joined with as they are about to torture and kill their captive.

Rebecca now lay on her side, her arms over her head and her right leg under her body, stretched up along her breasts until it met the bedpost. She looked over at Heather and saw the same fear in her eyes. A Session on the Bars: She was ordered to remove the bra next.

Oh and another thing, look up. Soon Rebecca felt like she was getting something besides pain and torment, at last she felt some pleasure. It began to tear her even more and forced her anal tract to spread open.

A blanket covered her, but she quickly realized that her clothes were gone, she was dressed immodestly now.

His fingers in her ass gave a cruel twist.

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James grabbed his cock and straightened it in his pants as it rose to erection, the sight of Jessica inflamed his lust.

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Marquis wants to see you shaved. Fully naked sexy girls. Babes beauty close up Three cosplay loving lezzies arrange an outstanding lesbian action 9: His fingers ran down the crack in her ass to push the thong deep into the crevice. Just as my sub sat down in the back seat, she felt an intense vibration in her backside. WWII, French Resistance, rape, cutting, burning, consensual sex, gang rape, electro-torture, whipping, breast torture, firing squad. Lesbian torture stories. Her hand pulled down his zipper and took his hard cock out of his shorts.

The princess of a defeated nation is dragged into the torture chamber for what she thinks is interrogation, but in reality her tormentors only want to make her suffer a slow and terrible death. Silvia watched in enjoyment. She should be off giggling to her friends about the hot guys she met at last night's party.

They buffeted Rebecca between the punishing cocks as each tried to beat the other to inflict the most pain. Rebecca now laid on the bed, her back and ass arched upward invitingly as her breasts pointed to the ceiling with her legs spread wide.

There was a standard gynecologists table, with stirrups and straps attached to secure an uncooperative female. Big ass shemale xxx. She felt Michael move behind her, her head down, buried in her arms, not wanting to see what was going to happen to her. Secretly Silvia was very pleased with the response. For her crime she is mercilessly punished. She decided to remove the panty gag. But Michael could and he nodded and laughed every time the doctor took something out. She was extremely sexy, her naked ass swung back and forth as she walked and her high heels made her legs look taut.

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Will her sisters suffer the same fate? Cute little Asian girl sneaks into nightclub and gets caught by female bouncer. Ever since she was brought here by her parents, the men had done many evil things to her innocent body. Then our hero returns to the reconditioned dungeon torture chamber for some rack play with DeDe along for a personal touch.

She sobbed and hoped that he would cum in her ass soon as the cock brought tremendous pain to her ass hole. Rebecca cringed as she felt it touch her clit as she waited for the jolt of pain. Lesbian bedroom videos. Under torture she gives up the name of an undercover operative working inside the cartel.

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Kareena kapoor xxx sexy video Every method of torture that is mentioned in the story was actually used by the Indians in the area, along with many others. She turns out to be a very good slave. She undergoes torment after torment while she is slowly broken in and trained Comment:
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