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Thank you for submitting your comment! He wrapped it in a towel and placed it into their nearby bag. Without delay, he released the clamp and I felt the solution draining quickly into my rectum.

Amazing teens in diapers plays each others pussy after they pulled their diapers off. Saxy nude video. A minute later he returned with a second high chair very similar to the one I was sitting in. It was filled with apple juice. Adult diaper girl punishment. Feeling myself squish around in the very messy diaper was disgusting and yet pleasurable, but the more I thought about it the more I realized the possible downsides. He turned red and walked away.

He squatted down to meet me face to face and informed me that what I did was the same as lying and I was going to receive fifty swats with the belt to teach me a lesson. He stood at the sink next to me as he filled the large enema bag with hot water some sort of liquid from a jar.

Name contains invalid characters. Your download will start in. I rubbed myself through the diaper until I had a violent orgasm, then drifted off to sleep.

Samantha seemed pleased that I was in a fresh diaper and placed my lunch on the tray in front of me. Bound naked videos. Comment contains invalid characters. Not a YouPorn member yet?

After releasing me from the pillory, Jonah told me to follow Samantha while he went out to the car to get something. It was beyond humiliating and I was in heaven. That night, I stayed in a very nice motel room. The water flowed for several minutes and I could myself cramping. The stack of diapers was pulled up between my legs and pinned tightly into place.

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, I was actually enjoying this in some strange way. There was no other choice than to tell them the truth. They enjoyed coming to the club, but their finances rarely allowed them to do much beyond watch. Once the dishes were put away, Samantha lead Jonah and me to the living room.

I tensed for a moment and then relaxed. Samantha, however, noticed my discomfort and asked if it was because of the diaper or if I had something on my mind. Naked brothers band video game. He commented that I would not need them any time soon. Samantha removed the blindfold, as Jonah helped me to my feet. After paying for the groceries, we loaded them into the trunk of the car. He placed a bar of soap in each of our mouths and ordered us to bite down and keep it there until he removed it. She assured me that the cream they used at diaper changes was very good at preventing such infections and I would be fine.

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As I was walking out, he told me he would remove the plug when the chores were finished.

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The filthy diaper was put into a plastic garbage bag and Jonah used the removable shower head to get me completely clean. Nude by nature mineral bronzer. When he was finished, he removed the soap from her mouth and allowed her to rinse her mouth under the sink as he rubbed lotion into her ass. Jonah retrieved a simple sports bra from a nearby drawer and helped me into it.

My mind dipped a little into subspace at the thought of being punished for an actual misdeed. After dinner, I had some free time to myself to use the computer or watch television. Adult diaper girl punishment. Luckily their car was very close to the door and nobody was in the parking lot. In the kitchen, Jonah made a verbal note that we needed a second high chair as he strapped me in.

Then a large pair of plastic pants was pulled up my legs to cover the diaper. After about five minutes of fingering my butt, I felt something hard press against my ass. Join Youporn Premium and never look back. Naked and afraid leaked pictures. Jonah quickly fastened the crotch straps on the straitjacket and then they both led me out into the club.

It seemed like easy money, so I agreed. When I met him, he told me he and his wife were looking for a diaper girl to play with. I would have to be submissive to them and do as I was told if I wished to stay with them. He constantly berated me for every little thing I did wrong.

Login or sign up to add videos to your collections. I stayed on my best behavior for the first two days. I thought she might pass out when Jonah once again shifted to continue the spanking on my ass. When the water finally stopped flowing, I was crying. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks. Lesbian hentai videos free. I felt quite foolish for making such assumptions and apologized to them. Adblock users get a week free. It was a foolish hope, however, as I had a big breakfast and I have always been very regular about having my daily bowel movements shortly after waking up.

Once the dishes were put away, Samantha lead Jonah and me to the living room. It also had two restraints on the side of the seat. When we arrived home, I helped Samantha carry in the groceries and put them away.

A set of pink leather restraints were added next. He then moved around behind me and pulled my shorts and panties around my ankles.

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The trip home was quiet, so I was left to my own thoughts. This caused a fair bit of desperation, which he exploited. I headed for the bathroom to clean my face, but was stopped by another man who wanted to pay me to rub lotion on my bruised ass. Girls having orgasms together. They then stood up and led me by the leash to the front of the club where several people were having a conversation about subspace.

When I noticed his reaction every time I gagged, I realized that was part of the fun for him, so I kept doing it. Please try again later. He greased up a finger and slipped it into my ass, fingering me for about thirty seconds. There would be house rules and I would be punished if I violated them. Mature big tits blowjob After another thirty five strokes, I realized what he was doing. Adult diaper girl punishment. A simple t-shirt came next, which once again did nothing to cover the diapers.

He intended to double each set until one of us faltered. Knowing the rules, I struggled to let go of my inhibitions and wet the diaper, but it was proving to be harder than expected. It seemed like easy money, so I agreed. He told them that when he inserted the plug in my ass, he had also inserted a fast acting suppository.

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